GrubFinder was founded in 2010 in Adelaide. After struggling to keep track of our many takeaway menus, and trying to keep scanned copies up to date on our phones (for phoning in orders to pick up on our way home from being out), we decided there must be a better way. After looking around the Internet we realised that lots of sites covered the big restaurants, but not the little places like your local fish & chip shop. Many of these companies had no web presence at all.

We also wanted the ability to find places near us that did home delivery and most of all we wanted the Menus online – the entire menu with delivery details and specials.

So the decision was made to build our own site. Knowing that many of the little companies wouldn’t come to us, we also started the collecting all the menus near us in Adelaide. Currently we are collecting menus in Darwin, Adelaide and Canberra.

In this day and age we use the Internet for everything. We want our site to be the place that everyone comes to when they want to find a takeaway menu. Perhaps you are away for the weekend and want to order pizza delivery. Just moved house and don’t know where your local Thai is. You may even find new places near you that you didn’t realise existed. We did.

If you would like to contact us, we would love to hear from you. Perhaps you have menus you want included on the site? Just send them to us and we will include them.

See our Contact page for ways to get in contact.


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